Killing Of Christians In Nigeria: I Have Lost My Peace

Killing Of Christians In Nigeria: I Have Lost My Peace

I took my neighbor’s wife to St. Gerrard’s Hospital last night – due to labour pangs and she successfully delivered in the early hours of the morning.

Since I had a court session to attend in the morning, I was unable to go there.
At the close of work this evening, I passed through the hospital to check on them.
Upon entering the Hospital’s gate, the crowd of wailing women scared me. When I enquired, one of the Nurses, who was in tears too simply pointed to the direction of the mortuary and urged me to go and see things for myself.
With shivering knees, I managed to walk there. What I saw, left me completely devastated.
* Not less than 50 corpses sprawled the floor of the mortuary. More than half of these corpses were children below the age of 10 – some of whom had their necks slit with knives, some had their skulls smashed and others, shot at close range.
I never believed that human beings could be this inhuman.
Who were these victims?
~ They were my Southern Kaduna innocent people, sent to the land of no return by Fulani herdsman/muslims – the president kinsmen.
And what was their offence?
~ They were Christians!
Their villages were totally razed down, leaving the survivors with no place to return to. I am totally devastated this evening and we have no one to cry to for any form of help.
The Governor of the State, who had all this while been speaking for the killers, has further slammed these communities with a curfew!
Brethren, please pray for Southern Kaduna – for what we feared most had befallen us.
O God of Justice, avenge the deaths of these innocent souls!

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